Email Service Provider &
Campaign Design Agency

No matter how you slice it, email is still the single most effective way to reach consumers. We do everything email from small, done for you (DFY) affiliate campaigns to enterprise level multi-million hosted sends. We get you to the inbox.

What We Do

Email is what we do. Our purpose in life is to provide you with excellent customer service and get you to the inbox of existing and prospective clients

Done For You Email

No matter what size campaign, we can do a little or we can do it all. We can even supply the leads if you need them. They are included depending on the plan.

Email Campaigns

From developing one-time campaigns to the most complex multi-point, interactive campaign out there. We do it all to drive revenue and grow your base.

Email Sending

We can build a system to accommodate any size platform you need. From hosted 60K emails a day to millions per day. Find out more

RedX Email Services

Perfect for everything from the single person affiliate marketer to the enterprise level emailer. Check out our Pricing. 

Email Sending

Hosted sending for smaller campaigns. Dedicated servers for high-volume email delivery. Email farms for millions per day.

Email List Creation

Small list? No list? We can help you grow a properly segmented list fast that generates higher earnings.

Relevant & Targeted Leads

What is better than a great email platform? How about if we even provided the leads you send to? Your list or ours.

Email List Hygeine

A clean list is worth its weight in gold. Better delivery, fewer blocks and stronger relevance equals more revenue.

Campaign Design, Content & Testing

Not sure the most effective way to set up a campaign? We can design, create content and setup testing to maximize return.

Email Consulting

Have everything you need in-house except the email expertise? Our team can help your team get to the inbox.

What Can Email Do For Me?

Email is, without question, still the most cost effective way to get your message out to a large audience. The trick? You have to make it past the multitude of gate keepers to get to the inbox. That’s where we come in.

Email Servers

From small to enterprise, your hardware matters. We use top of the line hardware and software for sending. We monitor email channels 24/7/365 for delivery. You can count on RedX.

Email Send, Open, Click

RedX experts will help you increase your delivery rate, open rate and conversion rate – the 3 most critical email metrics. A great delivery rate doesn’t matter if emails don’t get read.

Warm is the Norm

The days of cold emailing are pretty much over. Algorithms guard the gate and you have to know how they work to get a positive return on your investment. We can help.

Your Email Partner

When you succeed, we succeed. From start to finish, we will help you turn email into one of your most productive marketing channels.

If you are a one-person affiliate marketer looking to create a new audience, we can help you build your client base and turn it into revenue. If you are an enterprise level marketer sending millions of emails per day, RedX will help you improve delivery, open and conversion rates.

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