Email Service Plans

Select the appropriate service for your requirements. If you have questions or are not sure which service to select, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you. 

Enterprise / Large Business Plan Pricing





Emails per month




> 1,750,000

Rotate Dedicated IP's




Our List / Your List

Your List*

Your List*

Your List*

Campaign Content




Delivery Optimization
Reports & Analytics
User Dashboard
Email Validation




* Let us know if you need to buy leads for this plan. We will provide up to 20,000 aged leads as long as we have leads for your industry. If we do not, then we will charge market rate to provide you aged or real time leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am just getting started. What plan should I get?

We recommend you always start with the least expensive plan that suits your requirements to get started unless you are experienced and have your own clean list.

Dedicated? Shared? What’s the difference?

Reputation gets attached to an IP for email. Larger marketers will always want Dedicated because it protects delivery. For smaller marketers, we do that for you so Shared IP is fine.

Do I have to provide a list of leads or prospects?

If you have a list of people you have already worked with, this is always going to perform better than cold leads. That said, we can augment what you have or provide all your leads.

What kind of reports do I get?

All of our plans come with reporting. As you get more familiar with email as a channel and upgrade platforms, the more detailed the reporting gets. If you need specific information, let us know.

What does “Done For You” (DFY) mean?

Also known as “Managed” Email. In our shared plans we do everything for you including providing lists, building campaigns, delivery and reporting. In our larger plans, this is optional.

How do I know what you sent in my Shared Plan?

All of our plans come with a user dashboard that lets you see exactly what we are doing. You will see who each email was sent to as well as who opened it and even who clicked the link.